A well-known Chinese Proverb wisely indicates that “If you are planning for a year, sow rice, if you are planning for a decade, plant trees, if you are planning for a lifetime, educate people”

SA Airlink (Pty) Ltd (‘Airlink’) together with the Tshwane municipality are proud to announce and invite you and your school to participate in the 2nd Airlink Adrenaline Aviation Career Day at Wonderboom Airport, North of Pretoria on Friday, 9thJune 2017 from 8:00 until 16:30.  

Many learners are not aware of the world of aviation and the motor industries and the career possibilities that are available within these industries. Our aim with the career day is to create a platform to assist the learners in discovering the magic of aviation and the automotive industry.

We support the promotion of pure mathematics and physical science up to grade 12 and would like to welcome learners in grade 10 and grade 11 who are currently enrolled in the above mentioned subjects to attend the Career Day. Career options that will be on display include:

  1. AVIATION INDUSTRY: Aeronautical Engineering, Aircraft Instrument Mechanics, Aircraft Maintenance Engineers, Fixed Wing Pilots, Helicopter Pilots, Air Traffic Control, Meteorology, Flight Dispatching, Cabin Crew, Cargo, Aviation Safety.
  2. AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY:  Diesel and Petrol Mechanics, Auto Body Paint Technicians, Air Brushing, Automotive Upholstery, Welding, Fabrication… AND MANY MORE!!!

The learners will have an opportunity to interact with industry leaders about:

  • First-hand information on what different career options entail.
  • Skills needed in the mentioned professions?
  • How to get into these professions?
  • Bursary opportunities in both sectors;
  • Study loans;

The learners will also have the opportunity to enjoy parts of the air and motorsport show.


Airlink has added an additional fragment to the career day for STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) high flyers in Grade 10. This portion of the career day will be known as ‘The Link’ innovation challenge day at Wonderboom Airport, North of Pretoria on Friday, 9th June 2017 from 8:00 until 16:30.

‘The Link’ is an excellent opportunity for your Grade 10 learners to apply lessons from the classroom to a real world situation.  From 2017 onwards, the program has been revived to ensure that the right candidate is selected to join ‘The Link’ while at the same time ensuring a larger, lasting impact and memorable experience for all participants. This will be achieved through positioning aviation at the forefront of the participants minds by using STEM related solutions and subject matter.

This challenge targets our future aviation workforce in the engineering, ground management, cargo, pilot or maintenance fields, it also gives learners the opportunity to explore general aviation in a fun and energetic manner.


Participation in the program is open to all public high schools. Teams made up of FOUR (4) grade 10 learners (no more, no less) will have to design and build an innovative solution to a problem in their community using processes learnt in their STEM classrooms. This solution will be presented at the activation on 9th June; however, they will be required to submit a report on the solution and an entry form at least 4 weeks prior to the event. The learners will be required to present their design to industry experts for judging on activation day. Through this process learners are exposed to innovation, creation, design and an engineering process while developing teamwork, leadership and communication skills. 

Learners will be assessed throughout the day and judges will comprise of people within the aviation industry. Assessment will be based on the submission of the STEM solution, which will count to 50% of the overall scoring process and there will be ‘Amazing Race/Obstacle Course’ style challenges (drone flying, AppCar creation, flight simulator, virtual reality etc.) making up the remaining 50 % of the weighting. 

Judges will select the winning teams based on these scores and other factors 

We ask that you share this opportunity with your learners by announcing this contest in class. The best way to participate, although not required, would be to include the contest as an assignment in your class or as extra credit, so that you can select the best team to represent your school.


As an incentive, the first seven teams (28 learners) to reach the highest score during the innovation challenge day will be selected to participate in the EAA Young Eagles & ‘THE LINK’ career day.  On this day the teams will get a chance to engage with members of the EAA Young Eagles pilots, learning about their individual aircrafts, flying on their aircrafts and gaining some control of the flight. The rest of the day will be spent with other key aviation career representatives. 

From this group, two learners stand a chance of being part of ‘The Link’. The next 52 (13 teams) stand a chance to take part in the SABRE Lunch & Learn Technology Workshop where a wild card may be selected to become a member of ‘The Link’.

The Link’ enrols only 10 participants per year, they are mentored by Airlink while they complete their high school career, meet at an annual aviation camp in cape town and stand a chance of being awarded a bursary towards their tertiary education upon completion of high school.


  • The challenge is open to teams of learners in grade 10;
  • 4 members per team;
  • 50% female per team;
  • Must be from public schools;
  • All requiring entrance to this challenge must be R.S.A. citizens;
  • Must have enrolled for Pure Mathematics and Physical Science;
  • Must be born in 2001 or 2002.

If the team/one member of the team does not meet any of the above, or cannot prove any of the above, the entire team will be disqualified.


  • Each grade 10 scholar must meet the above requirements;
  • Each team must make sure they meet the application deadlines;
  • Each team must ensure they are on time for the challenge day;
  • Entry forms must be received by 12th May 2017;
  • Each participating scholar and guardian must sign release liability and photo release forms.


For forms and other queries please send an email to TheLink@flyairlink.com / TheLink@adrenalineshow.co.za or search on www.flyairlink.com / www.adrenalineshow.co.za.  Application forms will also available from 26 April 2017 at the Airlink Concierge, Wonderboom National Airport, Lintveld Road, Wonderboom, Pretoria.  Since space in the challenge is limited, please ensure your school is represented. 

Details of a briefing workshop will be circulated to schools that have shown interest.



The          The Link STEM Innovation Challenge hosted by Airlink is for tenth grade scholars who perform excellently in pure mathematics & physical science. Teams made up of 4 grade 10 scholars are tasked to design and build an innovative solution model for problem in their community using processes learnt in their STEM classrooms. The challenge will be hosted at Wonderboom National Airport on 9th June 2017.


How can we use STEM to provide solutions for our daily trials?


We want you to identify a problem in your community. It can be related to energy, waste, transportation, vegetation, health, energy, communication, education, sanitation etc. Now imagine a creative idea on how to solve this problem and design the solution using Science, Technology, Engineering and/or Mathematics. Explain why it’s important that this problem be solved. Models submitted should address the design challenge and be accompanied by a presentation on the design.

• Material used should not cost more than R500.00

• Registration Deadline: 12 May 2017

• The Challenge is scheduled for 9 June 2017 and will run from 8:00 am


There is a national crisis in education, such that Airlink struggles with hiring and retaining employees with scarce and critical skills, this situation is exacerbated by the considerable barriers to learning such as a lack of facilities and resource. Airlink believes that if scholars are exposed to aviation careers at a young age an interest which will lead to knowledge searching will develop, regardless of circumstances.


• Challenge entrance will be limited to 20 teams.

• There is no competition entrance fee.

• Teams will have to source their own Model materials.

• The deadline to submit a report on the solution and an entry form is 4 weeks prior to the event.

• Teams will present the solution on activation day in their area.

• The model must be portable.

• Teams must participate in the Innovation Challenge Day Obstacle Course.

• Finalists will have to attend EAA Young Eagles & ‘THE LINK’ Career day.


• The challenge is open to teams of scholars in grade 10

• 4 members per team

• 50% female per team

• Must be from public schools

• All entrants to this challenge must be R.S.A. Citizens

• Must have enrolled for Pure Mathematics and Physical Science

• Must be born in 2001 or 2002

If the team/one member of the team does not meet any of the above, or cannot prove any of the above, the entire team will be disqualified.

Interested schools should send queries to TheLink@adrenalineshow.co.za or TheLink@flyairlink.com


Each grade 10 scholar must meet the Eligibility requirements

Each team must make sure they meet the application deadlines

Each team must ensure they are on time for the challenge day

Each participating scholar and guardian must sign release of liability and photo release forms

Transport and Lunch will be arranged for the selected teams

Parental approval is required for high school students to participate


It is recommended that each high school team has a teacher or staff member as the school coordinator for contact between The Link, district & participating team. They may also provide guidance to the team, manage timelines and expectations. The coordinators will be responsible for making sure their team is eligible to enter, meets the deadlines, understand the design challenge and brief and that a project’s scope is manageable under the given timeframe. 


• Who is your design for?

• How will it be used?

• What STEM processes did you use? How might it be maintained over time?

• How will you measure success?

• How is it sustainable?

• What would it cost?

• How will your design inspire scholars to engage in STEM?


• Each team is allocated a maximum of 50 points

• The big idea: Here’s where your team demonstrates the application of design thinking

• Fulfilling the brief: Does your model address the design challenge

• Inventiveness: Have you found a unique solution to the challenge?

• Look and feel: Was it beautifully crafted? Does it engage the senses?

• Design to Reality: Do you have a viable solution? Will the idea work in reality?

• Creativity: Does the design demonstrate innovation. Is it genius?

• Presentation: How will you demonstrate the problem and get other people excited about said solution?

• Teamwork = Dreamwork: Show how teammates equally contributed to the conceptualisation, design and production of the big idea.

• Technology focus: What engineering went into the conceptualisation and production of the big idea?

• Impact: How great of an impact will your device have on a population or an individual’s quality of life?

Tips & Tricks

• Explain how your idea is possible and why it will work – you can even include a diagram if that helps.

• Describe who’s involved in making your solution a reality.

• Would different experts, businesses, governments or technologies need to work together to make your solution happen?

• Describe who this solution will benefit (this can include people, businesses, animals, or even particular groups (the elderly, students, families etc.

• Tell us about the research you did.

• Reference the sources you used during your research, and any scientific theories that support your idea 


Food security Constructing,  a rocket, Apps for transportation,  Water purification, Architecture, Windmill for energy production, Energy preservation etc.


Please choose one of the following reporting mechanisms describing your solution, how it answers the brief/meets the challenge, user experience with your design, what you learnt through the design experience and what your inspiration was

• A 3 minute video clip (not larger than 5MB)

• a maximum of 10 power point (not larger than 5MB)

•  a maximum 3 paged descriptive statement  (not larger than 5MB)

•  a story board


Closing Day: 12 May 2017 / Report on Model: 12 May 2017 / Event Day: 9 June 2017

  1. Google Form
    1. Google form https://goo.gl/forms/Wifk5IMozUDhFfKx1 
  2. Entry Guidelines and Application Form – Download
  4. Floorplan – Download

The participants should be able to upload to TheLink@adrenalineshow.co.za files that are less than 5MB (video, application form, consent form, ppt, word, pdf)

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